In today’s aggressive and highly unpredictable energy markets, it is essential that oil and gas companies have instant access to critical information from the field in order to make quick and accurate decisions. It is important to maintain continuity and connectivity from “head office” to smaller “satellite” offices, which can be located several hundred kilometres away.

Hybrid Wireless can solve the wide area network challenges (associated with having assets scattered throughout large regions) by providing a secure, scalable and cost effective suite of “big broadband” solutions dedicated to the energy market.

Energy Solution Highlights

Secure, reliable and robust
Dedicated private bandwidth
Rugged, industrial solutions
Support for voice, video, data, SCADA

With Hybrid’s broadband wireless connectivity, networks can be modified quickly to meet an enterprise’s changing needs. A broadband wireless network offers the flexibility to add or eliminate sites or to secure additional bandwidth by rearranging existing equipment or inserting additional radio links.

Now, more than ever, the ability to monitor activity in a remote site is critical. Voice, video and data from a remote location such as a wellhead, MCC, or field office can now be instantly transmitted to a head office location for review by management and the executive team to further assist in critical decision-making.